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That Third Thing, Curated by Bridget Spaeth and Titus Abbott


Opening Reception

Saturday, October 21, 4-7 PM

"listen," timed improvisations by Titus Abbott - reeds with Scot Kiefner - bass and Peter Herman - guitar


Community Event

Sunday, October 29, 4-6:30 PM

that third thing forum

Part I. Gallery Artists: in conversation

Part II. Michael Sarin, solo performance set


First Friday

November 3, 5-8 PM

Jesus Cactus

Globe-trotting, Maine-bred drummer RJ Miller (Bill McHenry, Luke Temple, Jorge Rossy) leads Jesus Cactus, an electronic, psych, and jazz-infused trio with Portland stalwart multi-instrumentalists Dave Noyes (Via/Mire, Royal Hammer, Rustic Overtones) and Pat Corrigan (Seekonk, Plains, Robert Stillman). 

“That third thing” is a month-long project which convenes performing and visual artists who have chosen to work within abstract strategies.  The gallery installation will juxtapose materially-based work of nine contemporary visual artists curated by Bridget Spaeth and an improvisational music program developed and produced by Titus Abbott.

Within abstract syntax are the roots of our humanity; objectively neutral as a system, yet (as with this gathering) every artist and performer brings their own intent to bear. It is the curator’s intent to create the opportunity for reflection, experience, and the benefits of the peripheral and scanning gaze, while the creative collaboration and spontaneous composition of the musicians unfolds.

In truth, “that third thing” refers to no “thing” at all, but to a quality of relationship established by the individual artists within their own bodies of work.  As the musicians establish a base for improvisation and collaboration in time, their work performs a similar craft. As audience, our experience becomes yet another refrain of this “third thing”: object, subject and the event of our perceptions.

Experimental in nature, this project stems from a curiosity about unexpected experience and/or connections between these abstract forms, which share their roots and resonance within the mind.

Meg Brown Payson     Penelope Jones    Jessica Gandolf    Andrea Sulzer     Honour Mack

Michael Sarin    Grace DeGennaro    RJ Miller    Munira Naqui    Cynthia Davis

Titus Abbott    Bridget Spaeth