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I Am More: Facing Stigma


A photographic exhibition hosted by The Yellow Tulip Project, a local non-profit aimed at smashing the stigma around mental illness and building community.

Through a powerful black and white photography exhibit visitors will begin to understand that mental illness is a silent epidemic that touches so many yet we can’t see it the way that we see physical illness. The goal of the exhibit is that someday soon people will feel less alone and able to speak openly about mental illness in the same way that we talk about physical illness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this photo exhibit will be the first in a series of events and activities all aimed at letting people know that "Hope Happens". After the Portland opening the exhibit will eventually become a traveling exhibit to be viewed at libraries, schools, and public spaces. The Yellow Tulip Project also envisions an eventual virtual exhibit that schools can include in health curricula when discussing mental illness and stigma.

Exhibition Events:
May 9, Facing Stigma: Creating Solutions, A Facilitated Workshop 5-7 p.m, open to public. *This event is currently full, thank you to all those who participated!
  May 12, Closing Event - Be Well Wellness Event 10 a.m.- 12 p.m., open to public.

More information about The Yellow Tulip Project and their upcoming events can be found here:

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