Thursday May 16, 6-8 PM (Conversations start at 6:30 PM)

Speedwell Conversations | Writing Women

Susan Conley and Sara Crisp on writing women artists in Susan’s new novel Elsey Come Home.

Speedwell Projects presents Writing Women:  Susan Conley and Sara Crisp on writing women artists in Susan’s new novel Elsey Come Home. Sara, a painter, will lead a talk with Susan, a writer, about writing strong women characters who make art.

For more information about the author, visit www.susanconley.com.


Friday May 31st, 7 - 8:30pm


A Speedwell Special Event

Please join us for an unveiling and celebration of a temporary public artwork by Charlie Hewitt 
for Speedwell projects. We will celebrate the closing of Henry Wolyniec | relief followed by the unveiling.

There will be champagne, appetizers and a lighting ceremony for a very important message for Portland, Maine. 

Limited edition signed prints will be available for purchase to support this project and light up the city with hope.


Friday June 7 - Saturday July 13th


Four Views is a group show which includes four artists taking formally distinct paths to re-imagine known subjects. Mary Behrens, Vico Fabbris, Mary Louise Geering, and Jan Lhormer employ unlikely combinations of visual means to highlight ambiguities in perception and challenge belief systems. All four artists emerged from the 1980s, a decade in which visual artists often veered away from being defined by a particular school and rather embraced a more complex development of intersecting and sometimes overlapping styles. These artists appropriate aspects of these 1980s idioms in varying ways - aspects embedded within the formal and conceptual choices of each.  

(There will be a gallery talk accompanying this exhibition with at least two of the artists discussing their work and answering questions from visitors).